Wednesday, August 19, 2009

SBS Block Due 8/19

K-9 Barrister's Block

60 Pieces!

24 HST triangles finishing at 3/4" --- yes, less than 1-inch

Just don't look at my points.


  1. I did my BOW block today too. I like it in the 30's fabrics. Since I'm doing two of each block I need to do that one now. I like to see how your block looks. Choosing the fabrics is the hardest part of making the quilt, I think.

  2. WoW! Those are small HSTs! I have been meaning to make a miniature quilt with HSTs but haven't worked up the courage yet!

  3. There is nothing wrong with your points!!! This is something I am going to have to give a try, little pieces.....(well, it does help that I bought a pattern for miniture, but, ahem, have I tried it yet???? I will, I will!!!! And soon. See this stashbusting/what's on your design wall? days, get my desire to go sew going. And this little blk has made me want to go make a blk or two!! thanks!! All your stuff looks good - thanks for the links on the stashbusting page!