Sunday, November 1, 2009

Review of October 2009 Quilting Goals

The month is over, so how did I do? Well, not as good as previous months, but it could have been worse.

* Keep up with the SBS BOW - Done
* Finish the hand quilting on Josh's Quilt - nope - two thirds of the last block remains
* Finish piecing the DWR - nope - one row is ready to attach and the last row needs putting together
* Hand quilt 2 rings on DWR - obviously not
* Complete Finishing Instructions for both sizes of Kansas Spirit BOM - The smaller quilt instructions have been turned in!
* Machine quilt borders on Josh's Quilt - obviously not
* Make at least 4 make-up SBS blocks
* Decide on the quilting for Jeremiah's quilt - didn't even look at it.
* Work on Ladder to the Star sashings - finished and got the center completed
* Keep Scraps Cut Up - did this, not that there was much to do

I also made a pineapple block to try out a new-to-me technique.

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