Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Retreat Quilt Flimsy One

In addition to visiting with friends from across the country (I think the count was 13 states) and meeting new people, my goal was to get the borders on my quilts. I took six quilts -- 4 just needed borders, one needed the blocks sewn together and one is a stripy quilt which just needed the strips sewn together. I got 4 done to the top stage. My Black and White Strip Twist was the first quilt top to be finished. I started this quilt Super Bowl Weekend. It's a Bonnie Hunter/ pattern.

We arrived Thursday afternoon around 2:00 PM. After setting up, I got to work. There was plenty of space to stretch out the quilt to measure it without getting in any one's way. Has the power not gone out in a '10 grid' area, I would have finished it Thursday night. Instead, I went to bed early and got up Friday morning about 5:30 AM. I am NOT a morning person, so this was unusual for me.


  1. So I take it you had a good time at the retreat.

  2. I love how those twists all turn out differently. I would not have thought of a black and white one, but it's beautiful. I like the border treatment you chose, too.

  3. I love the contrast in this quilt. It looks fabulous. Hugs Jan Mac