Tuesday, September 1, 2009

September 2009 Quilting Goals

Since it appears that listing my quilting goals here and on a large printout by my computer helped, I'm doing it again.
* Complete remaining 2 sets of blocks for the SBS Brown/Blue Swap
G10 - Arizona
L6 - Steps to the Altar
* Keep up with the SBS BOW
* Work on Josh's Quilt - needs to be off the frame by 10/15
* Work on DWR - top needs to be done by 10/15
* Complete Finishing Instructions for both sizes of Kansas Spirit BOM
* Quilt a baby quilt
* Keep Scraps Cut Up
This is a relatively modest list this month. But I'm itching to start something new and I have several kits so that might happen as well. On the other hand I realized today that I have more quilt tops waiting to be quilted than I do quilts in various stages of progress, so maybe I can talk myself into quilting 2 quilts instead of starting something new.

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